Bell Museum “Giovanni Paolo II”


It is recommended to contact the museum by phone to book the visit.

ADMISSION AND GUIDED TOUR: Full price € 9.00 | Reduced price and Card € 7.00

History resounds and echoes across the corridors of the Marinelli Foundry.

A history that sinks its roots as far back as the Middle Ages when the ancestors of Pasquale and Armando first began casting bells and bronzes.

The tour among the museum walls takes you back in time through a series of artifacts that bear witness to how much, and how, bell art has evolved over the centuries.

Literary works, bronze remains, photos, and videos offer glimpses of countless bell towers of Italy and the world, to eras near and far, for a journey through time and space, to the present day.

A few more steps and you’ll find yourself in the forge workshop.

Here, you’ll discover what lies behind the “voice of God,” tracing all the stages that precede, and follow, the casting of a bell, and the tour concludes with a stupendous concert.

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