Card Regulations


Art.1 - What it is

The Alto Medio Sannio Card is a free and personal discount card, issued by the Municipality of Agnone, Lead Partner of the Convention for the implementation of the SNAI National Strategy Inner Areas Alto Medio Sannio.

The Card can be given free of charge following a visit to one of the circuit sites, or after purchase at one of the affiliated establishments, in an accommodation facility, at a tourist information point or by signing up at and allows:

  • access to the circuit sites with a reduced ticket;
  • the visit to the circuit sites with a reduced ticket;
  • the 10% discount at participating restaurants listed in the brochure;
  • 10% discount at producers of typical products and at artisans listed in the brochure;
  • discounts at tourist service providers;


Art 2. - How to use it

The Card is personal and the discount is applied exclusively to its holders.

It entitles the holder to discounts at establishments participating in the circuit as described in the brochure attached to it, except for any special limitations found by special notices inside the sales outlets of the affiliated establishments.

For typical and artisanal products, the discount will be recognized only on the first purchase.

To take advantage of the discounts, it must be shown without fail before the issuance of the tax receipt, ie:

  • before the purchase of the entrance ticket or guided tour;
  • before requesting the bill at the affiliated establishments.


Art.3 - Duration

The Card is valid until December 31, 2023


Art.4 - Cumulability

The benefits provided by the card cannot be combined with other benefits.


Art.5 Conditions

The Issuer is extraneous to the relationship between the user and the merchants affiliated to the circuit and is not responsible for the quality of the products and/or services of the affiliated establishments or their failure to provide them.

The user is invited to report to the Issuer any problems encountered in relations with the contracted establishments, so that the offer can be improved.