How to get there

The Upper Middle Sannio area is in the heart of Molise and can be reached from the SS650 Fondo Valle Trigno (Trignina) and the SS652 Fondovalle Sangro, which run from the Adria-Tico Sea, towards Isernia, Rome, and Naples.

The reference exit on the A14 Highway is Vasto Sud - Montenero di Bisaccia, on the A1 Highway is San Vittore. Direct trains from Rome and Naples to Isernia and Campobasso. For an unusual and fascinating journey, you can travel bor- ding the historic train on the Trans-Siberian Railway of Italy that covers the Sulmona-Isernia route.


Mappa Molise 1

  1. Museo dell’Alto Molise
  2. Giardino Flora Appenninica
  3. Museo della pietra “Chiara Marinelli”
  4. Museo Storico della Campana “Giovanni Paolo II”
  5. Museo di Arte Casearia e della Transumanza
  6. Museo Storico del Rame
  7. Riserva della Biosfera “Collemeluccio-Montedimezzo”
  8. Santuario Italico di Pietrabbondante
  9. Museo dei Ferri Taglienti
  10. Casa del Pastore
  11. Torretta Medievale - Casa del Libro
  12. Museo del Profumo di Sant’Elena Sannita
  13. Visita al Centro Storico di Trivento
  14. Castello Angioino di Civitacampomarano
  15. Tour dei Murales


Alto Medio Sannio

Natural scenery and surprising landscapes, scents of ancient flavors, stories of transhumance, and Samnites:

Alto Medio Sannio is the green and wild heart of the Molise Apennines, authentic and bold, guardian of a past that becomes a new future.

Following the lines of the Tratturi, the shepherd’s paths, in a territory that embraces the towns of Agnone, Frosolone, and Trivento, you will immerse yourself in villages and towns perched among the rocks, and marvel at the jewels of history, arts, and culture at a slow and leisurely pace.

You will experience pearls of craftsmanship, from the art of forging bells to knives, from copper to traditional cheeses.

You will taste age-old dishes and unique products, such as the precious truffle.

You’ll uncover treasures of biodiversity, enjoy unforgettable experiences in nature:

trails and rivers to explore, gardens and rare reserves, adventure parks, and extraordinary peaks to reach.

New emotions await you between precious archaeological sites, majestic castles, and unexpected museums that trace the footsteps of an archaic past to draw new forms of contemporaneity.

From 300 meters of winding landscapes carved by the Trigno River to 1730 meters of Monte Campo, Alto Medio Sannio will surprise you at every step and every heartbeat.

Experience the Alto Medio Sannio, the wild heart of Molise.