INFO AND RESERVATIONS: 333.9730024 - 338.5954104

ENTRANCE: >Full € 2.00 >Reduced and Card € 1.00

A plunge into local peasant and pastoral life.

If we had to describe the experience of the small museum in one sentence, we would choose that very phrase.

Here you will be led into a space, a house, that brings together the utensils, clothing, and furnishings typical of the country farms of Alto Molise.

You will see straw-bottomed chairs, old cauldrons, small sideboards, glasses, plates, and cutlery that occupied the farmers’ tables, set for dinner or their frugal meals at the end of the day.

Here you will also glimpse the tools of the trade: baskets, straw hats, grazing sticks, cowbells, and collars worn by livestock.

What better conclusion then than a taste of the typical products?

A multisensory experience that will allow you to taste the flavors of rural life, smells, customs and traditions.

All in one place!

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